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Acupuncture is the use of fine filiform needles which are inserted into the acupuncture points along the meridians (energy channels) or ashi points. T.C.M practitioner’s work on the whole body with the intention of enhancing and restoring the free flow of Qi (energy) & blood throughout the entire body.

To understand the concept of Qi

You need energy to move matter, so in Chinese Medicine energy is called Qi. You need Qi to move blood, oxygen, fluids, evenly throughout the body & organs.

The balance of Yin/yang is the homeostatic control of your body, like in western medicine our bodies are regulated by the negative feedback system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

There are different approaches to acupuncture by T.C.M (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioners like 8 principals which embraces yin/yang, hot/cold, repletion/depletion, interior/exterior. Or Five Phase which embraces fire/earth/metal/water/wood.

As a T.C.M Practitioner, after taking an extensive history, I will then decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. In addition to acupuncture I may also use Moxibustion (the warming of acupuncture points using the herb Artemisia), Cupping (the application of vacuum cups to promote the flow of Qi & Blood), massage, diet & lifestyle advice, so that I ensure that the patient receives the best treatment for the condition. When diagnosing I am always looking for the root cause & any underlying conditions, integrating your signs/symptoms, physical, emotional, mental wellbeing, past/present medical conditions & surgery’s & asking you quite a few questions including pulse & tongue diagnosis to get a complete overview , as we are all unique individuals

There are times when we make a decision to treat the symptoms first if they are severe before the root cause, to make the patient comfortable.

I may also include other modalities.

Massage, Dorn Method of spinal therapy (mobilization of joints without high velocity thrusting). Q.R.A (Quantum Reflex analysis) which tests the major organs & glands. (Nutritional testing)

A course of treatment is generally considered to be between 8 – 10 treatments. Some conditions will benefit in fewer than this and long term problems could be expected to require considerably more.

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